What we’re doing now

Our Current Projects

Restoration Home

Founded by Pastor Fred Kaddu and his wife Susan, the Restoration Home was originally founded in 2004, when Pastor Fred and his wife began taking girls into their home who were in need of shelter or safety. Eventually they had so many girls in their home that they needed to find another place to house and care for the girls whom sought their help.


Uganda Purity Project

The Purity Project is a multifaceted program focused on purity, positive reproductive health, and self-worth, which is communicated through the project in a number of ways: monthly educational meetings, three Purity Project Conferences each year, emotional, spiritual, and career counseling, and lastly providing sanitary feminine products each month.


Mission House Wakiso

Mission House’s Founder, Freddie Kajjumba, is the son of a single mother. Driven by his passion for seeing his neighbors come to know Christ, he has developed a variety of community outreach programs that will not only meet the practical needs of single mothers and the community in which he lives, but which will also reach his neighbors with the hope of the Gospel.