Giving to Passion Partners

There are many worthy organizations that you could donate to. 

So why give to Passion Partners?

There are many worthy organizations that you could give your money to.  So why give to Passion Partners?

One practice that makes Passion Partners different from other organizations is that we commit 100% of your donation directly to the field. This commitment of 100% of donations going directly to the field is made possible by our Founder’s, Candice Ashburn, commitment to fund the United States’ based administrative costs of Passion Partners. Therefore, every dollar that you give will go directly to where it is needed most, in support of our partners ministries.

Your donation directly impacts lives- providing food, water, health care, education, counseling, housing, and other valuable resources to those in need. These services transform communities, improving the lives of the people we serve. By making a donation to Passion Partners, you are partnering with people who are already working on the ground, reinforcing the idea that we are about local people with local ideas. In addition, our zero balanced budget policy involves our partners in a monthly accountability process. Therefore, through fiscal stewardship and reconciliation, we ensure that every dollar that you give is properly administered.

See What Your Donation Can Do

$16 Provides sanitary napkins for a girl for 1 year
$20 Pays the school fees for 1 month for 1 student
$50 Gives 2 school uniforms for 1 Restoration Home girl for 1 year
$100 Provides supplies to the mothers of the Single Mothers Vocational School so they can train each month
$550 Ensures Passion Partners international staff has the transportation to reach hundreds of girls through the Project: Purity program for an entire year
$780 Feeds a Restoration Home girl 3 meals a day for 1 year

*Passion Partners is the global missions organization of Her Passion Ministries, a 501(c)3 organization.