Uganda Purity Project

The Uganda Purity Project is a multifaceted program focused on purity, positive reproductive health, and self-worth, which is communicated through the project in a number of ways:

  • Providing sanitary feminine products each month
  • Monthly educational meetings
  • Three Purity Project Conferences each year
  • Emotional, spiritual, and career counseling

Our local partners host monthly club meetings during which they provide sanitary towels, share a meaningful health related lesson, and deliver the hope of the Gospel. In addition, each girl is invited to attend the Uganda Purity Project Conference three times per year. At the conference, they are presented with invaluable biblical teaching on relevant topics and receive focused attention from volunteers that reinforces their value and worth.

One of the key aspects of the Uganda Purity Project is the provision of sanitary towels. Traditionally, girls who could not afford sanitary towels would go without and, consequently, be absent from school on a regular basis. Over time, those lost learning days, would perpetuate a cycle of low self-esteem, higher dropout rates, and an increased vulnerability and likelihood of pre-mature marriage, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Another key aspect of the Uganda Purity Project includes monthly home visits in which staff members go to the home of one of the girls in the program. While there, they spend time with the student and her family, and provide for additional needs such as school uniforms, food, and other basic items. Each girl chosen for a home visit is identified in collaboration with the school officials based on need.

With an annual contribution of at least $16 for sanitary towels, you will keep a girl in school as well as help her to understand her value and self worth in Christ.

Location: Wakiso, Uganda


What We Accomplished


girls currently being served



potential lost learning days saved to date



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