Funding and Accountability:

There are many worthy organizations that you could give your money to. So why give to Passion Partners?

One practice that makes Passion Partners different from other organizations is that we commit 100% of your donation directly to the field. This commitment of 100% of donation going directly to the field is made possible by our Founder’s, Candice Ashburn, commitment to fund the administrative costs of Passion Partners. Therefore every dollar that you give will go directly to where it is needed most, in support of our partners ministries.

Your donation directly impacts lives- providing food, water, health care, education, counseling, housing, and other valuable resources to those in need. These services transform communities, improving the lives of the people they serve. By making a donation to Passion Partners, you are partnering with people who are already working on the ground, reinforcing the idea that we are about local people with local ideas. In addition, our zero balanced budget policy involves our partners in a monthly accountability process. Therefore, through fiscal stewardship and reconciliation, we ensure that every dollar that you give is properly administered.

2013 IRS Form 990-Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax

2012 IRS Form 990-Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax

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2014 Footnotes:

Uganda Purity Project
Salaries: 5 Full Time Staff Members
Purity Conference: 3 per year
Operational Expenses: Stationary, Communications, Transportation, Lunch

Restoration Home
Salaries: 7 Full Time Staff Member
Food: Food, Charcoal, and Gas
Education: School fees, Scholastic Materials (Books, pens, papers, etc.), Uniforms, Exam Fees
Personal Hygiene and Care: Toiletries and Clothing
Operational Expenses: Cleaning Supplies, Repairs, Electricity, and Internet

Mission House
Salaries: 12 Full Time Staff Members
Food: Lunch for the Mothers and Staff
Operational Expenses: Fuel, Rent, Water, Trainer and Staff Transportation, Phone, Stationary, and Cleaning Supplies