Restoration Home

Restoration Home was originally founded in 2004 by Pastor Fred Kaddu and his wife Susan. They began taking girls into their home who were in need of shelter or safety. Eventually, they had so many girls in their home that they needed to find another place to house and care for the girls whom sought their help. In 2006, thanks to the generosity of their church family, they were able to build a simple one-room structure to house the girls. This simple structure sufficed for 5 years until, in 2011, Passion Partners decided to come alongside Pastor Fred and build a home that could comfortably house 42 girls.

Opened in November of 2012, the “new” Restoration Home provides shelter for 42 teenage girls who have been orphaned, abandoned, and/or abused.

The Home not only provides a safe place for the girls to live, but also seeks a holistic approach in restoring their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs while helping them to uncover their God-given gifts and purposes. To help with this recover and discovery process, Passion Partners strives to provide funding for everything necessary to raise a teenage girl. For example, these funds provide a passionate, loving staff comprised of a “house mother” who resides with the girls, a house director, counselor, and a caretaker, each of whom helps to provide familial structure and guidance.

While living at the home, not only do the girls have access to medical care, they also receive individual counseling to help cope with the traumas of their past while setting them up for a successful future.

This successful future also includes a need for a proper education. Financial support is provided for the education of the girls while they are in the home. Regardless of whichever path the girls choose to take after leaving the home, it is our hope that they will use the gifts they have been given to impact the world in which they live. For some, this may include higher education such as college, for others it may be learning a trade.

The Restoration Home is not only bringing life to the 42 girls who live on the premise, but to the community as a whole through the provision of a water well. Previously the girls and the community had to wait in long lines for access to water which may or may not have been safe to drink, but now they have access to clean water through the well.

Location: Wakiso, Uganda


What We Accomplished



girls given shelter



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