The Importance of Education

A proper education can make all the difference in the world. That is why Passion Partners places such importance on meeting this need.  Passion Partners’ educational initiatives include financial support for the Mission House Wakiso Single Mothers Vocational School and the direct funding of the education for the 42 girls of the Restoration Home.  Additionally, through the provision of feminine hygiene products for over 300 girls of the Purity Project, Passion Partners not only reduces high drop out rates among females but also provides them with an educational message and the Gospel.

Restoration Home

While the girls reside in the Restoration Home, financial support is provided for their educational needs.  Once they leave the home, many girls choose to pursue further education either through a vocational school or a university. Regardless of whichever path the girls choose, it is our hope that they will use the gifts they have been given to have a positive impact on the world in which they live.

Mission House Wakiso

Mission House Wakiso’s Founder, Freddie Kajjumba, is the son of a single mother. Driven by his passion for seeing his neighbors come to know Christ, he has developed a variety of community outreach programs that will not only meet the practical needs of the community but also reach them with the hope of the Gospel.

Single Mothers Vocational School

The Single Mothers Vocational School is one of the key components of Mission House Wakiso.  The school provides teen mothers with an opportunity to learn a trade that will make them competitive in the marketplace and capable of providing for their children. The school includes diverse opportunities for the women to learn skills in:

  • Tailoring
  • Cosmetology
  • Small Business Development
  • Computer Literacy

Project: Purity

A key component of Project: Purity are the monthly purity meetings in which our local partners provide sanitary towels, share a meaningful health related lesson, and deliver the hope of the Gospel.  In addition, each girl is invited to attend the Purity Project Conference three times per year.  At the conference, they are presented with invaluable biblical teaching on relevant topics and receive focused attention from volunteers that reinforces their value and worth.