Counseling:  Confronting the Past,
Changing the Future

Have you ever needed to talk to someone, but you were unsure of who you could trust?  One of the most important components of the Restoration Home is its counseling program that provides the girls with guidance as they face the difficulties that life brings. We value this principal so much that we have also incorporated it into every component of ministry that we do.

Restoration Home

In order to provide the girls with an outlet to discuss their past traumas, Passion Partners maintains a full time on-site counselor to help the girls cope with their past.  Additionally, the counselor helps the girls set goals for a successful future and provides them with guidance as they set benchmarks that will help them meet their goals.

Project: Purity

Once the Uganda Purity Project club meeting ends, the real work begins as Passion Partners staff members get to know the club participants and their families.  During this time, they provide the girls with spiritual, emotional, and practical guidance, which ensures that the girls know they are valued and loved.  Uganda Purity Project staff members also help the girls realize their potential by helping the girls plan for the future in a culture that often undervalues women.