The Story Behind the Project : Ashburn Ohuru Medical Clinic

Peter Abungu, Passion Partners Kenya Director & Founder of Swahiba Youth Networks, was once a small boy in the poverty stricken village of Siaya. He attended school there. He lived with his Grandmother Joanne there. His roots run deep there. But one thing that had never been there was medical care. The closest fully functioning clinic was a 45-minute drive – nearly a ten-hour walk . . . and there is rarely an automobile in Siaya.

Those of us in the developed world are unable to identify with the lack of accessible medical care, a necessity in our eyes, but a luxury for millions of others around the world. Unfortunately, Peter could identify, personally, with the destructive implication of no medical care. In 2009, Peter’s uncle contracted malaria and because there was no first-line medical care within the community, he died on his way to the nearest hospital. He was one of thousands who lose their lives in Africa to a treatable illness, from a lack of basic health care.

“Could his death have been prevented?” someone asked.

And because the answer was “yes, if there had only been a medical clinic in the area,” God gave Peter the vision to bring His hope, plan, and future to the community of Siaya.

After discussing the likelihood of building a clinic in the village with his grandmother Joanne, a widow, Peter said, “She took me by the hand and directed me to a piece of land that she told me she would donate for the clinic site if the Lord would provide a donor for the construction.” Fully trusting the Lord to bring them the needed financial resources, Peter then met our founder, Candice Ashburn, also a widow, just several months later (through Benny Proffitt of First Priority Global). Candice, whose late husband was a cardiac surgeon, was compelled to fund the building of the clinic . . .

December 2010 – Candice met Peter who shared his vision for the clinic and a partnership was formed to proceed.

February 2011 – Ground was broken on the clinic construction site.

Spring 2012 – Construction is complete and interviews begin for staffing. Passion Partners commits not only to the funding of the Clinic, but to funding its’ long-term operation.

July 2012 – The Ashburn Ohuru Medical Clinic opened its doors. Within the first three months of opening, the clinic treated more than 2,000 patients.

Two widows. World’s apart. Kindred hearts. Different colors. Different continents. Different cultures. Divinely created … and connected to be used of God and for God to redeem death and destruction.


Grandmother Joanne, now in her nineties, often takes walks around the clinic, greeting patients and staff, and keeping an eye on things.

Grandmother Joanne, now in her nineties, often takes walks around the clinic property to greet patients and staff.

DSC_3156 copy

Two families, divinely connected. Grandmother Joanne smiles alongside her grandson Peter Abungu, his wife Julie, and Candice (along with their daughters) at the Grand Opening Celebration for the clinic.

DSC_3123 copy

Grandmother Joanne and Candice, cutting the ribbon at the Grand Opening Celebration for the clinic on August 1, 2012.

To learn more about the Ashburn Ohuru Medical Clinic, click here.


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