Snapshots from Uganda

We had been so anxious for months to lay our eyes on the work that God was doing among our partners in Uganda. We knew that pictures just weren’t quite doing it justice and couldn’t wait to see it ourselves.

Over the past several years, our partners in Kampala, Fred Kaddu and Wakiso Baptist Church, have been oh so faithful and committed to the vision of a full-scale Restoration Home for girls. And on November 10th, that vision became a physical reality, as Passion Partners officially opened the Wakiso Girls Restoration Home.

Being present at the Dedication Ceremony was certainly a highlight of our trip…I can only describe it as a day of sheer joy and celebration over what this house will mean to this community and especially to the 42 girls who will call it “home.”

Another milestone for Passion Partners took place during our trip, as the Jitambue Purity Project (a program originally started by our partners in Kenya) formally launched in high schools in Kampala. And what an honor for our team to be able to attend one of the first meetings of the project at Onwards & Upwards High School in Wakiso. The project will begin with 200 girls in four different schools, who will receive the truth of God’s word about their value & their purity, education about their bodies and reproductive health, and feminine products that they would otherwise go without each month. We’re thrilled to be able to replicate this project, which has already had an impact on thousands of girls lives in the slums of Nairobi, in Kampala! We ask you’d pray for our new Ugandan J-Project staff members who will be investing in these girls and partnering with us for eternal impact.

Here are just a few some snapshots from our time on the ground…we have much to rejoice over….hope you enjoy!

Blueprints to bricks…a progression of the Restoration Home build.

Restoration Home – past (top) and present (bottom)

A moment of celebration on the steps of the new home.

A sign made by one of the Restoration girls…doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

Sunday morning with our friends at Wakiso Baptist, Pastor Fred’s church, and the congregation which has cared for the Restoration Girls over the past several years.

The first meeting of Jitambue Purity Project – Uganda. Earthly partnerships…eternal impact.

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