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… to provide leadership and funding to existing ministries, as well as emerging ministries, around the world with the goal to walk along them in a collaborative effort, allowing them to be more effective in their call and in fulfilling their passion.

I want to share something with you today that gives a unique glimpse into Passion Partner’s relationship with our ministry partners overseas. It’s a letter written by our Founder and Executive Director, Candice Ashburn, to our partner in Uganda, Fred Kaddu, and the girls of the Wakiso Restoration Home.

To give a brief bit of background…we are nearing the completion of a new Restoration Home in Uganda that will house the current 16 girls, as well at 22 new ones. I can’t tell you how precious Fred and these girls are to us, and how honored we are to be building them a new home. For several months, we had been planning a visit to Uganda, (we would’ve actually arrived back home today) primarily to see the girls, love on them, encourage them, and see the new house with our own eyes. Unfortunately, a sudden Ebola outbreak hit Uganda just days before we were to arrive and we weren’t able to go. To put it simply, we were bummed. Very, very bummed. And our hearts were heaviest for the girls, who were so looking forward to us all being together.

The current group of girls at Wakiso Restoration Home

Upon our return home, Candice wrote them the following message. And I thought it was too good not to share with you who are getting to know these girls, as well…

Dear sisters of the Restoration Home,

I am writing after returning to the States to affirm that you are all very much in our thoughts & prayers. We were so very sad when we were led to return home without visiting Uganda.

We had been planning for months to join you and set our eyes on the Home. We have most certainly been keeping up with the construction progress through pictures, which Fred has been sending us. It looks absolutely beautiful! Which is no less than what each one of you deserves!

Though we were unable to hug you in person and visit with you all, we greatly anticipate a time to return. I can’t wait to see the Home with my own eyes and see each of you enjoying the good gift from God, Himself, as a real Refuge & Provider.

He loves you each so. I hope that the Home is a tangible reminder of that love. It is not me nor Allie nor Raeanne, not Her Passion ministries, nor even Central Wakiso Baptist Church that you should revere and thank, but God Himself. He is the One who saves us and redeems us and restores our lives.

I am honored to serve with Pastor Fred to minister the Hope of the Gospel to each of you.

Please stay in touch. We are praying toward a time to see you. Until then, we hope you will enjoy yourselves at Fang Fang to celebrate what God is doing in your lives! We are celebrating and loving you from Nashville!

Love & Prayers & Blessings from Above,


The new home – on schedule to be completed later this fall


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