Letters from home


In late November, 17 girls moved into a new home. But not just any girls, and not just any home.

Girls who, before joining “Restoration”, as they call it, yearned for safety, security, and provision–things they have not known in the past. But now, they have a new place to call home, where the aspiration everyday is to ensure they are well-loved, cared for, provided for, listened to…restored.

We’ve been hearing just how much they are enjoying and adjusting to life in the new Restoration Home. Their favorite things?

Three certain meals a day . . .

Water–clean water, that is just steps away . . .

And having their very own bed.

I thought their words were too redemptive not to share with you, so here a couple “letters from home…”

From Winnie:

From Agnes:


Want to see more of the home and the girls? Check out our Restoration Home albums on Passion Partners facebook page!

* testimonies have been shared with consent of the girls.


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