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To My Passion Partners Family,

This has been a very wonderful week; all the 42 girls are here the house is filled with fun and jokes and sharing of stories.  Some stories make my eyes wet with tears of both sorrow and joy because they are distressing, but thank God the girls have gained courage and hope and are now able to deal with all those post traumas and they can freely share their transformation.  I can’t imagine God’s goodness!

Thank you  for partnering with us as we reach out to the most vulnerable girls, the most abandoned and the most impoverished in our community, created in God’s own image but torn apart by the evils of this world. You are helping build a far better place for our children and for many other children to come.

I thank you so much for your compassion, commitment to ministry, friendship and love. I know both the restoration girls, the Jitambue girls in schools and us are far better persons for having known, worked and walking this earthly life with you.  You make us even more look forward to seeing Jesus!

On behalf of the Passion Partner community here in Uganda, I thank the Lord almighty God for you and the entire Passion Partner international staff, for conveying God’s love to us.

May the peace love and joy that comes with Christmas fill your hearts in such a very special way.


Fredrick Kaddu Kibuuka

Kampala Director and Restoration Home FounderIMG_2288

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