“Welcome, You Are Very Welcome!”

“Welcome, you are very welcome!”
-Fred Kaddu

These are the words that resonated out of the Restoration Home as Pastor Fred Kaddu and his staff led our team up the front steps and into the house.

The 42 girls living in the Restoration Home embraced our team in bear hugs, many of them recognizing Margaret, and all of them asking about the rest of the team from last summer. This reconnection was familiar and true. Fred Kaddu, Uganda director and Restoration Home founder, began our program at the home this morning.  Fred stood tall and proud, giving all thanks and praise to God alone.  “We use the name Ebenezer,” Fred said, “God is our rock and stone of help.”

As all of the girls and our team gathered in the common room of the home, every girl introduced herself; some grinning, some more serious.  Worship proceeded; everyone linking arms as we sang and celebrated as a family united. Margaret, Alisa and I smiled and swayed, our Luganda is not quite up to par…at least not yet!

Then, Becky Lukwago, the Restoration Home director and former Restoration Home girl, addressed everyone with a very gracious spirit.   Becky praised God for the redemption that took place in her life as well as the beautiful redemption that is taking place within the girls in the home.  Esther, the Restoration Home house mother, and Grace, the counselor at the home, both thanked the Lord for all that has been provided.  Esther and Grace reminded all of us that our history does not mark us, we have the opportunity for a new future.  “Tears of joy are good, we shed them today,” Esther announced.

Five girls courageously shared their testimonies in front of the larger group.  Hope and freedom were woven into every story, as each girl at the Restoration Home is healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We also gave thanks to God for the connection between partners. I can attest for the Passion Partners team in saying that it is an absolute honor to serve the 42 girls and staff of the home.  Our team is thankful for the man and leader that Fred Kaddu is and for his vision, sacrifice and dedication to the growth of each and every girl.

As the morning program came to a close, Pastor Fred concluded with a very special presentation for the girls.  One of Passion Partners’ supporters, Sandra Lamprecht, provided Bibles for every girl in the home! Margaret, Alisa and Becky passed out the Bibles and the girls were overjoyed.  Many of the girls were kissing their Bibles and they were all showing and reading our team their favorite verses.

The afternoon began with Pastor Kaddu, Becky and Grace leading us to see Central Baptist Church (Pastor Kaddu’s church), the water well and the Fred’s original Restoration Home.  What a reminder it was to see the Lord’s provision as He has provided every element that now makes up the Restoration Home!

The Restoration Home staff is dedicated to the Lord, His plan for their staff and their girls, and it is so clear that they are committed to honoring Him for all growth and provision! Becky said powerfully, “It is more than one girl’s face, it is a story, a future Uganda.”

*Becca Vinson is a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

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