Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Last Friday, our team returned from a 10-day trip to Uganda where they served alongside our partners in various ways including: 

  • loving on the girls of the Restoration Home
  • spending time with local teen mothers and their children;
  • taking part in a Uganda Purity Project home visit and club meeting;
  • serving food as a means of community outreach;
  • performing general maintenance work around the Restoration Home and Mission House Wakiso Single Mothers Vocational School;
  • and demonstrating Christ’s love to every person that they met. 
This life changing experience gave the participants a unique perspective into what it is like to live in Uganda.  Through their conversations and acts of service, they were able to minister to not only the girls of the Restoration Home, but to members of the Wakiso and Selah community as well through their work at the Mission House Wakiso Single Mothers Vocational School and the Mission House of Worship.
God also used this time to reveal more of himself to the trip participants as they saw the faith of the people whom they were serving and serving alongside. Here are some thoughts from Gradi Ellis, one of the trip participants:
“I thought my faith in God was in its prime. I felt as though I was walking out the word of my savior until I met these people. I’ve never in my life met people whose hearts are so on fire for our Lord. I feel overwhelmed with the amount of passion that is in their hearts. Their complete trust in his plan makes me question my trust. Do I really trust him fully with the plan for my life or do I just say I do. Am I living out my trust in the things I say and do daily?” 
Over the next few weeks we will be sharing other thoughts from the trip with you.  Be sure to follow our Blog as well as our social media sites (FacebookTwitter, and Instagram) for more pictures and stories.

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