Update from the Restoration Home

Letter from Rebekah Lukwago


Praise be to the Lord our God. We had a very busy week but still started with the devotions in which we were exposed to Passion partners and the background behind the founder’s vision.

Within the week we carried out shopping where the girls bought clothes, shoes and other necessities. They were so happy and this is always a time anticipated. They go down town and chose clothes with the guidance of the leaders and employees.

The girls took measurements of the uniforms and will be getting them soon after they are finished.

We also carried out the shopping of the stationery and distributed them among the girls.

We had a gathering with all the girls and had inspirational talks with them especially concerning academics and behavior since they were returning to school and a good number of them is to be in boarding.

On Monday, all the girls were able to go back to school after a two months Holiday. It was very interesting to be with all the girls and seeing their faces almost everyday.

Note: Many girls have changed physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, Oh my goodness! The list is endless. What a joy it is seeing hope in the have been hopeless girls. Pray with us that we may expand and meet many other girls.

We love you and pray that the lord blesses you.



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