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In Wakiso, Uganda, a town of about 20,000 people that lies just outside the capital city of Kampala, a man named Fred Kaddu faithfully pastors his congregation at Central Baptist Church. Not only is he a senior pastor, he’s also the principal of Wakiso Secondary School, which he co-founded several years ago.

A man known for his integrity, his faith, and his heart to help the abandoned and neglected in his community, Fred’s life has been one of continual sacrifice in order to serve others.

Pastor Fred Kaddu

Pastor Fred Kaddu

In 2004, perhaps more so than any other time, Fred’s sacrifice became greater and his service even more personal.

He and his wife, Susan, along with other members of his congregation, began taking into their homes young girls – some who had been turned away from their families, others who due to death or extreme poverty, had no place to call home. Knowing the dangers that awaited these girls if they were left to the streets, Fred and his church family found that they could not simply turn them away.

Five girls were among the initial group who were provided housing and care. However, as the number of girls requesting help and shelter increased, it became clear that they would not be able to continue to accommodate the need in their own homes. Thus, out of the sacrificial giving of this small congregation, the church built a modest, one-room structure, no larger than 200 square feet (shown below), for the girls in 2006. While it was modest in every sense of the word – no running water, no toilets, bunk beds squeezed in from wall to wall – it has served as a place of authentic restoration for these treasured girls.

The original restoration girls in front of the original Home.

The first restoration girls in front of the original Home.


Inside the original Restoration Home.

Inside the original Restoration Home.

The girls and the ministry thrived in this “original” Restoration Home, despite having practically outgrown the space before they moved in. Their physical and material needs were provided for as best as possible and they experienced a healthy, loving social environment. They were given an opportunity to complete their education, and most importantly, they were introduced to the life-changing restoration and love of Jesus.

Five years later, in July 2011, Fred was introduced to Founder of Passion Partners, Candice Ashburn, (through Benny Proffitt of First Priority Global), who was compelled to fund the construction of Fred’s long-awaited vision of a larger home to take in more girls. Passion Partners committed to not only to fund the construction of the Home, but also its’ operation with a more extensive and strategic restoration program for the girls.

July 2011 – Candice met Fred who shared his vision for a larger home and a partnership was formed to proceed.

February 2012 – Ground was broken on the Restoration Home construction site, lying just behind Fred’s church, Wakiso Central Baptist.

July 2012 – Interviews for the staffing of the home take place.

Fall 2012 – Interviews and selections take place for the additional 25 girls who would join the “original” 17 Restoration Home girls.

November 2012 – Construction is complete and the new Restoration Home is officially opened, with our Passion Partners staff in attendance at the dedication ceremony. The “original” group of girls move into the Home.

January 2013 –  The Home begins operating at full capacity, with the addition of 25 new girls (taking the total to 42) and an all-Ugandan staff of House Mother, Director, Counselor, Care Taker, and 24-hour watchmen.

The new Restoration Home, which lies behind Fred's church, Wakiso Central Baptist.

The new Restoration Home, which lies behind Wakiso Central Baptist, founded by Pastor Fred.


The community gathering for the new Restoration Home dedication ceremony.

Passion Partners joined the community for the new Restoration Home dedication ceremony in November 2012.


All of the girls smiling in front of their new Home.

All of the girls smiling in front of their new Home.

We pray that each one of the girls are touched by the ministry of the Restoration Home find God to be just that – their Restoration and Redeemer, and the One who “makes all things new.”

And He who sits on the throne said,
“Behold, I am making all things new…for these words are faithful and true.”
Revelation 21:5


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