New Friends, New Clothes and New Homes

New Friends, New Clothes and New Homes

Last Sunday, after the church service, our team was off on an exciting adventure to Ssela.  Just a fifteen minute drive away, Ssela is the community where Freddie Kajjumba’s church is located.  (Freddie Kajjumba is the director and founder of Mission House).  Candice’s spirit was present as we celebrated the gift of a suitcase full of clothing items and shoes for the Ssela community that she provided.  Ssela moms were tying new shoes on their little ones, primary school boys were putting on new t-shirts (some making their own style out of wearing them backwards), and primary school girls were grinning ear to ear as they stepped into new dresses.  We tried our very best to capture the smiles and new fashion outfits that came from our time with the Ssela church family.

The last stop of of the day was a very exciting one! Our team visited the two apartments of four Restoration Home girls that are currently studying at University: Theo, Prossy, Fatumah and Aggie.  Passion Partners is supporting these resilient girls as they transition from the Restoration Home to living more independently.  Tucked away in a neighborhood in Wakiso, the girls’ apartments are very inviting.  The girls welcomed us into their spaces and they were very proud to show us their homes.  As we all settled in the common space of Theo and Prossy’s apartment, all of the girls served us Coke and cookies.  We were overwhelmed by their generosity, talk about a great afternoon snack! The afternoon spent with Theo, Prossy, Fatumah and Aggie was filled with joy, yes, but also with truth and a connection that only the Lord gives.

Theo left our team with some wisdom today. She said boldly, “learning has no age.”  As our team and partners continue to grow in our commitment to each other and in the kingdom work that is being done here in Uganda, we are constantly learning. We are all learning more more about each other, we are learning more about the kingdom work that we have been called to be a part of, and as Pastor Kaddu shared, we are learning more of the Word.

*Becca Vinson is a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

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