Meet a Future Doctor


Meet a Future Doctor

By Sam Sempijja

In late may, the other members of the Uganda Purity Project Team and I visited a girl named Josephine Nakato. She is a Junior at Kikandwa Community School. When Josephine finishes school she aspires to become a doctor, and she is working as hard as she can to ensure that she attains her goal!

At a young age, Josephine lost both of her parents and is now living with her brother, who already has several children of his own.

As we visited Josephine and her brother, we encouraged her to continue studying and to trust the Lord with everything she does. Josephine explained to us how she had become a Christian early in life, and we were so happy to hear her testimony!

During our visit we presented Josephine with scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils, and a Geometry set. We also brought her family a variety of other necessities such as rice, bread, sugar, cooking oil, shoe polish, Vaseline, and soap.

Josephine and her brother were both so thankful for all that the Uganda Purity Project provides for the girls of Wakiso,Uganda.  Some of the other services that the Project provides include: counseling, teaching, guiding, and the purchasing of sanitary pads for the girls.

Before we left we asked Josephine and her brother for their prayer requests. Their main prayer request was for help in finding the money to send Josephine to school.  Without this money, Josephine will not be able to reach her goal of becoming a doctor.

Please join us in praying for Josephine and we hope you will consider supporting the Uganda Purity Project by visiting our website at

* Sam Sempijja is the director of the Uganda Purity Project based in Wakiso, Uganda.

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