Greetings from Mission House

“I ask God to listen, but I found that He already was.” 

-Freddie Kajjumba, the Director & Founder of Mission House 

Today, our team spent the morning at Mission House, situated in the heart of Wakiso, Uganda. As Pastor Kaddu & Ronald drove our team from Kampala to Wakiso, the sprinkling of rain began to smother the red clay which paths the streets causing us to take notice and to give thanks. For months, dry heat has been sitting upon Uganda; this rain was refreshing for the land & souls here, alike, it seemed.

From the moment that our team stepped foot into Mission House, Freddie & the Mission House staff welcomed us. That is one of the most beautiful things about kingdom work; we live in the freedom to always accept one another as brothers & sisters in Christ.

While the sewing, tailoring, cosmetology & salon vocational training was being conducted throughout Mission House, Freddie, Charity (the Mission House Administrator), Alisa, Margaret & I enjoyed some quiet space to discuss the trajectory of the ministry.  Freddie & Charity shared highlights from the past year & processed aloud as to how Mission House plans to streamline their training program, develop their staff team & refine their missional outreach.  Each day, the vocational school operates for 55 young single mothers; however, this is not the only outreach mechanism of Mission House.  It also extends its hands and feet into the community of Wakiso and into an area called Ssela as well through a variety of other outreach programs. It is evident that Mission House has an internal vision of mission as it develops its trainees, but also exists with an external vision of mission into the community to ultimately spread His word.

We are Kingdom partners with Mission House. That perspective shed such light upon our conversation with Freddie & Charity. Further, we discussed strengths, weaknesses, concerns & praises behind the management of Mission House.  The words, “We are for each other,” were continually spoken aloud.

A man of integrity, conviction & love, we could see that Freddie respects & intrinsically values the Mission House team.  The staff consists of: Freddie, Charity, Joy, Beatrice, Richard, Jimmy, Harriett, Juliet, Paul, Agnes, Flavia and Christine.  Freddie said, “We join hands to make sure things are done well, to make sure that the ministry is taken care of. We are family.”

As we concluded the morning meeting, Freddie invited our team to take a tour around the facility.  Laughter echoed throughout the entire house, sewing templates layered the walls like wallpaper, nail polish and foot scrub had their respective places, as well. Before departing, everyone gathered in the common space to celebrate Passion Partners arrival and to thank God for what He is doing among their community.

Transitioning into the afternoon, Freddie took our team to the Ssela community, which is about a 15 minute drive from Mission House.  Freddie proudly showed us his church & community center. What an incredible story of the Lord’s provision, as He met Freddie’s desire to build the church, one pillar at a time.  The Mission House staff & our team circled, united as a family, inside of the community center discussing the foundational principles of the ministry.

Freddie, an adopted son of God, has adopted and fathered so many through the outreach programs of the Mission House.  “We want to empower young men to be fathers & we want to empower young women to be mothers,” Freddie said. The Lord continues to reveal what is in store for Mission House & Freddie’s life. We are honored to be a part of the work that is being done!

Written by Becca Vinson, a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

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