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AnnetMy name is Annet Nassali I am 17 years old, a student at Wakiso secondary School in form 3.

I have come to give a testimony about what Jitambue has done for me and my fellow girls.  Jitambue has helped us to discover ourselves and to know how we should behave at home.  When I joined the J-club at school, my mother did not have any idea about Jitambue.  So I tried to explain it to her and she didn’t understand until Annet and the director Jitambue came to my home.  She thanked them so much for saving her from buying Sanitary pads every month.

Jitambue has helped us to increase our discipline capacity and has taught us how we should behave at our homes.  The Jitambue staff has given us courage to believe in ourselves, most especially when you give everything to God.  The last time jitambue team came to our school, they taught us about self-esteem and I believe each of us discovered whether she has low self esteem or high self esteem.

Thank you Jitambue!  We really appreciate what you are doing for us girls because, for many of us, our parents spend most of their time at their places of work, and they come back they are tired thinking about resting.  So they do not have time to speak to us and counsel us but I am thankful for Jitambue, because they spare most of their time for us and for sure Jitambue has become our Mother and Father.  Long live Jitambue project.

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