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“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.”

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

That is now a phrase that Fred Kaddu, Uganda director and Restoration Home founder, will be able to own as he portrays the Restoration Home girls…Passion Partners purchased a camera with Fred this afternoon for the Restoration Home!

After purchasing the camera, our team enjoyed a meal with Fred and Ronald, who has been our consistent driver since our arrival.  Fred and Margaret worked ferociously together at the dinner table to install batteries and a memory card to ensure a working camera!  A smile was painted across Fred’s face as he took his first couple of photos.

Our Passion Partners team finds our camera as such a helpful tool in exposing the stories of our Ugandan and Kenyan partners to those in the U.S. We are thrilled that Pastor Kaddu will now be able to document moments, memories, faces, stories, emotion, and progress of the 42 girls at the Restoration Home.  We are already looking forward to seeing the photos they share! It truly is an honor to serve and equip our partners with the tools that they need to carry our their passion.

*Becca Vinson is a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

New Friends, New Clothes and New Homes

New Friends, New Clothes and New Homes

Last Sunday, after the church service, our team was off on an exciting adventure to Ssela.  Just a fifteen minute drive away, Ssela is the community where Freddie Kajjumba’s church is located.  (Freddie Kajjumba is the director and founder of Mission House).  Candice’s spirit was present as we celebrated the gift of a suitcase full of clothing items and shoes for the Ssela community that she provided.  Ssela moms were tying new shoes on their little ones, primary school boys were putting on new t-shirts (some making their own style out of wearing them backwards), and primary school girls were grinning ear to ear as they stepped into new dresses.  We tried our very best to capture the smiles and new fashion outfits that came from our time with the Ssela church family.

The last stop of of the day was a very exciting one! Our team visited the two apartments of four Restoration Home girls that are currently studying at University: Theo, Prossy, Fatumah and Aggie.  Passion Partners is supporting these resilient girls as they transition from the Restoration Home to living more independently.  Tucked away in a neighborhood in Wakiso, the girls’ apartments are very inviting.  The girls welcomed us into their spaces and they were very proud to show us their homes.  As we all settled in the common space of Theo and Prossy’s apartment, all of the girls served us Coke and cookies.  We were overwhelmed by their generosity, talk about a great afternoon snack! The afternoon spent with Theo, Prossy, Fatumah and Aggie was filled with joy, yes, but also with truth and a connection that only the Lord gives.

Theo left our team with some wisdom today. She said boldly, “learning has no age.”  As our team and partners continue to grow in our commitment to each other and in the kingdom work that is being done here in Uganda, we are constantly learning. We are all learning more more about each other, we are learning more about the kingdom work that we have been called to be a part of, and as Pastor Kaddu shared, we are learning more of the Word.

*Becca Vinson is a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

“Welcome, You Are Very Welcome!”

“Welcome, you are very welcome!”
-Fred Kaddu

These are the words that resonated out of the Restoration Home as Pastor Fred Kaddu and his staff led our team up the front steps and into the house.

The 42 girls living in the Restoration Home embraced our team in bear hugs, many of them recognizing Margaret, and all of them asking about the rest of the team from last summer. This reconnection was familiar and true. Fred Kaddu, Uganda director and Restoration Home founder, began our program at the home this morning.  Fred stood tall and proud, giving all thanks and praise to God alone.  “We use the name Ebenezer,” Fred said, “God is our rock and stone of help.”

As all of the girls and our team gathered in the common room of the home, every girl introduced herself; some grinning, some more serious.  Worship proceeded; everyone linking arms as we sang and celebrated as a family united. Margaret, Alisa and I smiled and swayed, our Luganda is not quite up to par…at least not yet!

Then, Becky Lukwago, the Restoration Home director and former Restoration Home girl, addressed everyone with a very gracious spirit.   Becky praised God for the redemption that took place in her life as well as the beautiful redemption that is taking place within the girls in the home.  Esther, the Restoration Home house mother, and Grace, the counselor at the home, both thanked the Lord for all that has been provided.  Esther and Grace reminded all of us that our history does not mark us, we have the opportunity for a new future.  “Tears of joy are good, we shed them today,” Esther announced.

Five girls courageously shared their testimonies in front of the larger group.  Hope and freedom were woven into every story, as each girl at the Restoration Home is healing physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We also gave thanks to God for the connection between partners. I can attest for the Passion Partners team in saying that it is an absolute honor to serve the 42 girls and staff of the home.  Our team is thankful for the man and leader that Fred Kaddu is and for his vision, sacrifice and dedication to the growth of each and every girl.

As the morning program came to a close, Pastor Fred concluded with a very special presentation for the girls.  One of Passion Partners’ supporters, Sandra Lamprecht, provided Bibles for every girl in the home! Margaret, Alisa and Becky passed out the Bibles and the girls were overjoyed.  Many of the girls were kissing their Bibles and they were all showing and reading our team their favorite verses.

The afternoon began with Pastor Kaddu, Becky and Grace leading us to see Central Baptist Church (Pastor Kaddu’s church), the water well and the Fred’s original Restoration Home.  What a reminder it was to see the Lord’s provision as He has provided every element that now makes up the Restoration Home!

The Restoration Home staff is dedicated to the Lord, His plan for their staff and their girls, and it is so clear that they are committed to honoring Him for all growth and provision! Becky said powerfully, “It is more than one girl’s face, it is a story, a future Uganda.”

*Becca Vinson is a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

Greetings from Mission House

“I ask God to listen, but I found that He already was.” 

-Freddie Kajjumba, the Director & Founder of Mission House 

Today, our team spent the morning at Mission House, situated in the heart of Wakiso, Uganda. As Pastor Kaddu & Ronald drove our team from Kampala to Wakiso, the sprinkling of rain began to smother the red clay which paths the streets causing us to take notice and to give thanks. For months, dry heat has been sitting upon Uganda; this rain was refreshing for the land & souls here, alike, it seemed.

From the moment that our team stepped foot into Mission House, Freddie & the Mission House staff welcomed us. That is one of the most beautiful things about kingdom work; we live in the freedom to always accept one another as brothers & sisters in Christ.

While the sewing, tailoring, cosmetology & salon vocational training was being conducted throughout Mission House, Freddie, Charity (the Mission House Administrator), Alisa, Margaret & I enjoyed some quiet space to discuss the trajectory of the ministry.  Freddie & Charity shared highlights from the past year & processed aloud as to how Mission House plans to streamline their training program, develop their staff team & refine their missional outreach.  Each day, the vocational school operates for 55 young single mothers; however, this is not the only outreach mechanism of Mission House.  It also extends its hands and feet into the community of Wakiso and into an area called Ssela as well through a variety of other outreach programs. It is evident that Mission House has an internal vision of mission as it develops its trainees, but also exists with an external vision of mission into the community to ultimately spread His word.

We are Kingdom partners with Mission House. That perspective shed such light upon our conversation with Freddie & Charity. Further, we discussed strengths, weaknesses, concerns & praises behind the management of Mission House.  The words, “We are for each other,” were continually spoken aloud.

A man of integrity, conviction & love, we could see that Freddie respects & intrinsically values the Mission House team.  The staff consists of: Freddie, Charity, Joy, Beatrice, Richard, Jimmy, Harriett, Juliet, Paul, Agnes, Flavia and Christine.  Freddie said, “We join hands to make sure things are done well, to make sure that the ministry is taken care of. We are family.”

As we concluded the morning meeting, Freddie invited our team to take a tour around the facility.  Laughter echoed throughout the entire house, sewing templates layered the walls like wallpaper, nail polish and foot scrub had their respective places, as well. Before departing, everyone gathered in the common space to celebrate Passion Partners arrival and to thank God for what He is doing among their community.

Transitioning into the afternoon, Freddie took our team to the Ssela community, which is about a 15 minute drive from Mission House.  Freddie proudly showed us his church & community center. What an incredible story of the Lord’s provision, as He met Freddie’s desire to build the church, one pillar at a time.  The Mission House staff & our team circled, united as a family, inside of the community center discussing the foundational principles of the ministry.

Freddie, an adopted son of God, has adopted and fathered so many through the outreach programs of the Mission House.  “We want to empower young men to be fathers & we want to empower young women to be mothers,” Freddie said. The Lord continues to reveal what is in store for Mission House & Freddie’s life. We are honored to be a part of the work that is being done!

Written by Becca Vinson, a fellow with Passion Partners through the Nashville Fellows Program.  Becca is currently in Africa with other members of the Passion Partners staff.

Annet’s Story



AnnetMy name is Annet Nassali I am 17 years old, a student at Wakiso secondary School in form 3.

I have come to give a testimony about what Jitambue has done for me and my fellow girls.  Jitambue has helped us to discover ourselves and to know how we should behave at home.  When I joined the J-club at school, my mother did not have any idea about Jitambue.  So I tried to explain it to her and she didn’t understand until Annet and the director Jitambue came to my home.  She thanked them so much for saving her from buying Sanitary pads every month.

Jitambue has helped us to increase our discipline capacity and has taught us how we should behave at our homes.  The Jitambue staff has given us courage to believe in ourselves, most especially when you give everything to God.  The last time jitambue team came to our school, they taught us about self-esteem and I believe each of us discovered whether she has low self esteem or high self esteem.

Thank you Jitambue!  We really appreciate what you are doing for us girls because, for many of us, our parents spend most of their time at their places of work, and they come back they are tired thinking about resting.  So they do not have time to speak to us and counsel us but I am thankful for Jitambue, because they spare most of their time for us and for sure Jitambue has become our Mother and Father.  Long live Jitambue project.

To support stories like Annet’s visit

Update from the Restoration Home

Letter from Rebekah Lukwago


Praise be to the Lord our God. We had a very busy week but still started with the devotions in which we were exposed to Passion partners and the background behind the founder’s vision.

Within the week we carried out shopping where the girls bought clothes, shoes and other necessities. They were so happy and this is always a time anticipated. They go down town and chose clothes with the guidance of the leaders and employees.

The girls took measurements of the uniforms and will be getting them soon after they are finished.

We also carried out the shopping of the stationery and distributed them among the girls.

We had a gathering with all the girls and had inspirational talks with them especially concerning academics and behavior since they were returning to school and a good number of them is to be in boarding.

On Monday, all the girls were able to go back to school after a two months Holiday. It was very interesting to be with all the girls and seeing their faces almost everyday.

Note: Many girls have changed physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, Oh my goodness! The list is endless. What a joy it is seeing hope in the have been hopeless girls. Pray with us that we may expand and meet many other girls.

We love you and pray that the lord blesses you.



Finishing Strong



Dear Friends,

On this last day of this year, I’d like to say “thank you” to those who have supported healthy communities through Passion Partners projects & partners in 2013! We could not have accomplished the milestones that were achieved without your help:
• Over 10,000 cases treated at the Ashburn Ohuru Medical Clinic.
• Over 48,000 additional days of learning achieved through distribution of feminine hygiene products.

• Over 115,000 meals served to the hungry.
• 42 girls have a home at Wakiso Restoration Home with clean water, 3 meals a day and an education.
• And most importantly, almost 1000 professions of faith!

And that’s just a glance. There is more to come capturing the work of the last year.
On the last day of 2013, I would ask that you consider joining us by giving a tax-deductible gift toward the bountiful harvest that awaits in 2014! We have big plans and need more of you to be involved in providing tangible offerings of hope like medical care, food, clean water & education, in order that eternal Hope is given. You can go to  and contribute today. These are several of the forthcoming projects for the new year that will continue building healthy communities:
• Agricultural Development Program for widows in the community of Siaya, western Kenya.

• Construction of a new ward at the Ohuru Medical Clinic moving toward becoming the preferred & referred hospital for maternal & child health in the area.

• Expansion of the Family Spirit Feeding Program in Masindi, Uganda.

• Single Mothers Vocational School which will provide single mothers the opportunity to learn a trade and capable of providing for their children.

And…Passion Partners pledges 100% of your donation goes to the field.
New Years Blessings,
Candice Ashburn
Founder & Executive Director
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